Terms & Conditions of Service for Myrtle Beach Photography

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Photographers at the Beach

By submitting the reservation fee & hiring Myrtle Beach Photographers at the Beach for your photo shoot you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Shoot Reservation Deposit

There is required minimum deposit required to reserve our Myrtle Beach photographer services for a particular time and date. Your deposit takes us off the market for your confirmed time and date, therefore this reservation deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE except for the reasons listed below! We may request a larger deposit on custom packages or packages that include additional services. Until a deposit has been received by Photographers at the Beach the affordable Myrtle Beach photographers and confirmed by one of our representative your time & date is not guaranteed. So get your reservations in quickly to reserve your date. Your deposit is deducted from your total price and the balance due can be paid in cash or check directly to your photographer at the conclusion of your photo shoot.

(Myrtle Beach Photographers Deposit Refund Exceptions)

Our non refundable deposit is actually refunded in the following situations.

  • Hurricane is close enough to your shoot location that officials have issued an EVACUATION alert.
  • We will also refund your deposit if you give us two weeks (14 days) advance notice of cancellation.
  • The continuous rain at the time of your shoot that will not permit us to use our equipment. We will try to reschedule your shoot but if we can not your deposit will be refunded.
  • Any other act of GOD that prevents us from performing our services.

Miscellaneous Fees

Customer agrees to reimburse Photographers at the Beach photographers any miscellaneous fees directly related to the shoot. This includes but is not limited to admission fees to parks, mandatory purchases, parking meters, parking passes at campgrounds/resorts, shuttle transportation etc. EXAMPLE: You request your Myrtle Beach area shoot to be at Huntington Beach State Park. $8/adult; $5/ S.C. Senior; $4/youth age 6-15; Free for children 5 and younger. Atalaya admission: $2/person ages 6 and up. Or Myrtle Beach State Park $8 adults; $5/SC seniors (age 65 & older) $4/ child age 6-15; Free for children 5 and younger. You will reimburse your photographer Admission fees just before the start of your shoot. If final payment is via credit or debit card there will be an added 3% convenience fee and we will send you a PayPal invoice to use any card you like.

Account Balances

All photo shoot balances are to be paid in cash or personal check directly to your photographer at the conclusion of your shoot. If you would like to prepay your balance via credit or debit card please contact us for instructions on how you can do this.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation for any reason at least 14 days preceding your reservation date all monies paid to Photographers at the Beach will be refunded except for the non refundable deposit. (example: You have paid in full for a $200.00 package scheduled for June 20th at 4:00pm. You have decided to go to Hawaii instead of Myrtle Beach. You notified us via email to info@photographersatthebeach.com on June 1st of your change of plans. All monies will be refunded back to you except for the initial  minimum deposit. The non refundable deposit can be used for a future reservation, forever. So if you decide to visit Myrtle Beach 5 years from now you can use that deposit to schedule a replacement photo shoot, however in this case you will need to pay the balance of the shoot at least 3 days before your scheduled shoot.


In the event of heavy rain, act of God or thunderstorms we will reschedule your shoot. Usually these storms pass quickly and we simply resume the shoot instead of rescheduling. If you need to reschedule your date for any reason please notify us as soon as possible. We will work with you as best we can to reschedule your photo shoot. Keep us in the loop with event coordinators to be sure we are available for the rescheduled time and date.

Limit of Liability

Photographers at the Beach uses high quality HD equipment manufactured by companies like Nikon & Canon. By hiring Photographers at the Beach you agree that the maximum limits of liability by Photographers at the Beach, our photographers and all agents is limited the total amount paid by you (the customer) to Photographers at the Beach.

You agree to hold us harmless for any personal injuries as well. If your photographer asks if you want to pose under a pier, on a dune, do the Myrtle Beach Jump or any other activity you agree to it is your responsibility whether or not you are comfortable with the request. If you are not comfortable with any pose request, simply say no! You agree that you are responsible for your own health & wellbeing during your shoot and your safety and wellbeing is not the responsibility of your photographer or “Photographers at the Beach”.

Albums, Photo Merchandise & Prints

Photographers at the Beach does not sell prints directly but you can order prints through our proofing company Pixieset.com when you view and download your photos.

Professional Myrtle Beach Photographers at the Beach – Customers Copyright Release Notice

Our customers receive full copyright release to print, redistribute & share all images taken at their photo shoot for non-commercial use. All commercial copyrights of all images remain the property of Photographers at the Beach and your photographer. Customers may however request joint commercial copyright with Photographers at the Beach. An additional fee may apply for commercial copyright releases for your photos. Ask your photographer or a representative for details. Customer copyright does not allow for photo modifications. We ask that you do not modify, edit, enhance or crop your photographers work except when necessary to print your photos. Copyright link… http://photographersatthebeach.com/downloads/copyright.jpg

Photographers at the Beach reserves All copyrights of any and all images recorded all /any images taken by our company or any representative, agent, freelancer, contractor.  etc for commercial, personal or any other publication/printing release without any type of approval from any other party. If you hire through us your images, likeness or other reproduction copyrights are the property of Photographers at the Beach without limitations!

Photo Storage & Photo Recovery Policy

By hiring Photographers at the Beach you agree that we are only obligated to store your image files for 90 days following the date of your photo shoot. Please download your complete photo collection from PhotographersAtTheBeach.Pixieset.com as soon as possible. If for any reason you do not have your image files within 7 days please contact us for a solution and prompt delivery of your files because we may have invalid contact details. If you loose, delete, crash your computer or loss due to an act of god please feel free to contact us. We do archive all photo shoots on external hard drives and may be able to get you a copy. This is not guaranteed after the initial 90 days but we will do our best to try to recover your images. An additional charge of $50 will apply for archive history discovery services if we can recover your images.


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Amazing pictures from our special day. I couldn’t be more thankful for the memories. I highly recommend their work!

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