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Why thousands of brides, families, seniors & couples will choose Myrtle Beach Photographers at the Beach has some very simple answers.

At Photographers at the Beach we only use local, high demand, professional and popular Myrtle Beach photographers. How do we get these high dollar professional Myrtle Beach area photographers to work with “Photographers at the Beach”? That’s easy too… We offer these top area photographers a fun, fast and exciting way to earn extra cash without any appointment setting, post shoot editing, cropping, uploading, photo correction, photo selection and file distribution normally involved when working under their own professional business brand or studio. Photographers at the Beach makes the entire process smooth and simple for both you our customer and our photographers alike. You may say it is a Win, Win! Check out our famous Myrtle Beach Photographers $199 family photo shoot.

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Low Discount, Affordable Prices For Myrtle Beach Photo Shoots From Only $199.

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Our Myrtle Beach area family photo shoots, wedding photography, couples photo shoots & senior high school or college photo shoots start as low as $199. WOW! If you are looking for High Quality & professional photography services in Myrtle Beach at an affordable price… well you came to the right place.

Free Express Photo File Delivery!

You get a text on your smartphone with a link to your personal full HD, High Resolution image downloads with personal pin usually within 24-48 hours of your Myrtle Beach photo shoot.  You can copy and forward this link to as many people as you like anywhere in the world instantly. Full copyright release & online instructions to order prints, download your complete photo shoot and more. All images pass through our lab processor to be sure they are PRINT READY! You do not have to wait weeks to get your images with Myrtle Beach Photographers at the Beach! Nope, Just Hours!

You Chose Your Image Format!

You can choose between standard images (JPEG) or for the more experienced photo editors you can request your photographer to deliver (RAW) format images instead. RAW images are not much good to the novice but for a pro it gives them the all image detail as recorded by the cameras image sensor. These images are three times the info of a JPEG. Keep in mind you can not do much with a RAW image until you run it through photo editing software and convert them to a JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. image or the like. So you probably can not share these images until they are processed and converted using software like Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom by you. RAW image requests are unedited collections straight from the camera.

Unlimited Photos!

Unlike other Myrtle Beach photographers that offer you up to 25 or 50 photos taken at your photo shoot. Myrtle Beach Photographers at the Beach offers you unlimited photos. That’s right UNLIMITED photos with no set number! Our photographers take as many pictures as needed at your photo shoot to capture every pose you want so we do not miss that great shot. Youo may get three or four photos of the same pose but the eyes and hair and angle are slightly different. Your choose your favorite. We only stop shooting when your session comes to a close.

Multiple Family Beach Shoot Locations To Choose From!

*Our beach & Park photo sessions can take place at several designated beaches and park locations. Custom locations to your resort may incur an additional travel fee and keep in mind it is NOT LEGAL TO HIRE US TO SHOOT ON BEACHES WITHIN THE MYRTLE BEACH CITY LIMITS. Choose from these popular beach locations to the south… Hilton Double Tree Beach Resort/Pier (AKA Springmaid Pier @ Hilton Double Tree Resort), Myrtle Beach State Park, Huntington Beach State Park/Atalaya Castle. For our North Myrtle Beach shoots we will come to your beach house or oceanfront resort. Destination shoots include Cherry Grove Pier, Cherry Grove Inlet, McLean Park, 21st Ave. South.

Digital Delivery of Videos & Slideshows!

If you order a video slideshow or hire our videographers there will be a delivery delay due to the additional production services needed. Once your video product is produced it will be immediately available for download to your smartphone, desktop or laptop connected to wifi. Downloads are not intended for mobile devices but possible. You will receive a text message or email with a link to your media files usually between 24 and 48 hours from your shoot time. NOTE: This can be password protected at your request and not displayed to the general public. Just give your photographer a heads up.

*It is the responsibility of the customer to reimburse our photographers for admission to parks/facilities that require a fee, parking meters etc. For example Myrtle Beach State Park has an $8.00 adult admission fee. This fee is added to your package price and due by personal check or cash immediately following your session.

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Amazing pictures from our special day. I couldn’t be more thankful for the memories. I highly recommend their work!

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